Islands of Guernsey

Explore the Islands of Herm, Sark, Alderney, Lihou and Guernsey. Get out and explore, try new adventures or relax and unwind - whatever kind of holiday you prefer, we’ve got you covered.

Create memories to last a lifetime

For a group of small Islands, there is so much to explore in Guernsey. We have something for outdoor adventurers, foodies, history lovers, island hoppers or those looking for a quieter family retreat or anything in between. You will find local events going on every week. From markets and festivals to sporting challenges and exhibitions, there’s plenty going on. 


The Islands of Guernsey are a safe and welcoming escape from the business of daily life. Come join us for a peaceful break. 

Do I need a passport to visit Guernsey?

If you are arriving into the Channel Islands direct from the UK or Republic of Ireland, you do not need a passport but all visitors do require some form of photographic identification. If in doubt over acceptable forms of ID, please contact your carrier directly.

If you are arriving into the Channel Islands from outside the UK or Republic of Ireland, irrespective of your nationality, you must have a valid passport.

Is Guernsey dog friendly?

Pets visiting from the UK, other Channel Islands and the Isle of Man are generally able to visit without a Pet Passport (unless they are descended from endangered species or dangerous). Make sure you have the latest information on Pet Passports if travelling from outside these regions. Find out more information here.

If you are visiting with a guide dog, they will be welcome across the Islands. 

Most of the Islands’ beaches allow dogs to enjoy the space year round, but you will need to double check during the summer months as certain beaches are restricted from 1st May - 30th September. You can find the full list here. The northern side of Vazon Bay is welcome to dogs year-round. 

What currency does Guernsey use?

Sterling is the currency of Guernsey, which has its own notes and coins - your pound in the UK is worth the same as when you spend it in Guernsey. UK and Jersey currency can also be used within the Islands, but Channel Island sterling is not accepted in the UK. 

Major credit cards are widely accepted throughout the Islands. Some businesses will accept euros, although change will generally be given in sterling. ATM machines are available at high street banks in St Peter Port, the airport and selected sites, including supermarkets, garages and some out of town banks throughout the Island.

Does Guernsey drive on the left-hand side of the road?

Yes we do. Driving on the Islands of Guernsey is different to the UK and Europe. Many roads are narrow with a maximum speed limit of 35mph. Roads around busy areas such as towns, local centres and schools are limited to 25mph. Cars are not permitted on Herm or Sark.   
Around the islands you will find Ruettes Tranquilles, a network of lanes giving pedestrians, cyclists and horses priority. Speed limits on these roads are limited to 15mph. 

Guernsey has a unique system known as filter in turn at some junctions. All traffic has equal priority, and must take turns to use the junction - you must not enter the box unless your exit is clear. 

For more information on driving in Guernsey visit:

How do I find out the tide times?

The Islands of Guernsey have one of the greatest tidal variations in the world at 33 feet. The tide transforms the landscape of the coast every 6 hours, and this is important to be aware of for safety as well as for planning your beach trips. You can find a tidal timetable at: